Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

Nationwide Lifetime Windshield Warranty

Avondale Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair is a company that is committed to providing excellent quality, client service, value, and security. If you find a problem with one of our auto windshield installation we are more than willing to make an appointment with you to fix the defective issue.





Avondale Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair offer a Lifetime Guarantee across the country for:

  • Manufacturer blemishes-If you find a scratch or other blemish in your new windshield which cannot be fixed, it will be replaced at no extra charge
  • Workmanship-If we are responsible for any parts that get dented, scratched, or broken, they will get replaced for free.
  • Air or Water Leaks-If water passes through the windshield after an accident, rain, or washing your car, it will get repaired free of charge.
  • Parts or Molding That Become Loose-If the molding around the auto windshield, or the black rubber ring, comes off or is loosened, we will fix the trouble.
  • Loose Mirrors-Our warranties also apply to lose mirrors. It will be fixed at no extra cost if it falls off.


Guarantee for Free Windshield Rock Chip Repairs

Avondale Windshield Replacement provides free mobile windshield chip repairs that are good for the life of your newly installed car windshield. If the auto windshield is broken by an object and the damage measures the size of a business card or smaller after you have it installed, just get in touch with us by phone to have your automobile windshield repaired for free. Windshield rock chip repairs will be provided no matter how many times it is damaged for the duration of the glass.


Auto Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement Warranty

We guarantee you that your new fixed auto glass or windshield will not be damaged any further from the time of replacement. If a fixed area becomes defective and you are not pleased with how the windshield chip repair came out, we are always more than happy to put the cost towards a new windshield replacement. If your insurance provider paid for the auto glass replacement, we will give them the credit. Avondale Windshield Replacement has the most competitive windshield replacement prices and auto glass repair quotes in the industry.