$50 CASH w/ Windshield Replacement Insurance

$50 Cash for Inurance Windshield Claim

File any auto windshield replacement no fault insurance claim with us and we will give you $50 cash back, as long as you carry $0 deductible glass replacement auto insurance. There will never be any hidden or additional charges or expenses for either you or your insurance company and we accept all major insurance company cost structures.

Arizona residents have the legal right to choose the facility where they have their car windshield replaced. By law, insurance agents and representatives, as well as third-party representatives must let customers know of this right. In practice however, many insurance agents and other employees are not providing this information to customers as they are receiving a financial incentive for referring a customer to the windshield repair shop that they routinely use.

Arizona is one of only a few states that stipulate that insurance companies must provide full coverage to replace broken glass on a comprehensive insurance policy. Auto glass insurance coverage is affordable and usually only costs a few dollars extra a month. You can easily justify the extra cost with one replacement windshield from us. Often, your policy will have a higher deductible for body damage or accident repairs and a $0 deductible for windshield replacements. Contact us today and we will help you to verify the exact coverage that your policy provides.