Auto Glass Repair FAQ’s

Windshield Repalcement Auto Installation

When I get your free car windshield replacement quote, what is included?

All of our auto glass repair quotes online include a new windshield, labor costs, our nationwide lifetime warranty, no-cost windshield chip repairs for a lifetime and free valleywide service.

When I call for a auto glass repair or windshield replacement price, should I have any information ready?

Yes, you should know your car’s make, model and year number when you call. Other questions we may ask are if your car windshield is heated, if it has a rain sensor and if it is shaded or tinted.

Do you use substandard or used parts in order to keep your automobile windshield prices as low as they are?

No, we only use new and the best parts available which meet or exceed all standards set by the Federal Motor Safety Standards. We are able to keep our prices low by pricing are products differently than our competitors.

If I need you to come to me, how much would it cost?

It would cost you nothing. We offer FREE valleywide service to the Avondale and Phoenix Metro areas including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Surprise and Tempe.

How long does it take to replace a windshield or auto glass door?

Typically, a auto glass repairs or windshield replacements should take approximately one hour. In a few cases, it may take longer depending on the type of car and past installation method.

Can you repair or replace my car windshield even if I am not present?

Yes, although we would need your written or verbal authorization and access to your vehicle before work could begin. The automobile does need to be unlocked in order for us to replace the windshield. After the work is completed we lock your automobile and then hand your keys back over to you upon your arrival.

What is Avondale Glass Replacement & Repair hours of operation?

Our operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm and we are also open on Saturday’s from 8 am to 2 pm. Special accommodations for different appointment times can be requested.

I need a mobile auto glass replacement, how soon can I get an appointment?

We can usually schedule an appointment the same day you call or within twenty four hours, some exceptions may apply.

Will I have to sit around waiting for a mobile appointment all day long?

No, although we do allow a two-hour window for arrival. A morning appointment such as 8-10, 9-11 or 10-12, or an early afternoon appointment like 1-3, 2-4 or 3-5 is recommended. Special appointments times can be made upon request.

Will the auto glass repair technician installing my new windshield call before he or she arrives?

Yes, it is our policy to call at least fifteen minutes prior to arriving and/or if they happen to be running later than anticipated.

Can I drive my car as soon as the windshield is installed?

No, there is a recommended wait time of one hour before driving by the manufacturer for the safety of our customers. We use the quickest drying urethane on the market; it is of the highest quality and cures extremely fast.

Additional Windshield Safety Tip: The urethane adhesive is considered to be the most important component in any auto windshield replacement. Even if you choose another auto glass repair specialist, be sure to ask about their selection of windshield replacement adhesive. It is imperative to ensure the auto glass repair company uses the highest quality adhesive product.

Are there any instructions I should know following my auto windshield replacement?

Yes, there are a few things you should keep in mind after getting your car windshield replaced. It is not recommended to go through any high-pressure car wash for at least twenty four hours, leave car windows rolled down about half an inch to prevent buildup of air pressure and remove any tape that may have been used during the install after twenty four hours.

Will inclement weather affect my auto glass repair or windshield replacement mobile appointment?

Yes, it can be affected if there is no cover and it is raining. You appointment may need to be scheduled for another time.

My car windshield shattered and there are glass pieces all over my car, will it be cleaned for me?

Yes, your Avondale Windshield Replacement technician vacuums all visible glass found inside the interior of the car, around the automobile and any in the frame as well.

Does my automobile need to be in a covered area in order to have the windshield replaced?

No, it is not necessary, but as it is Arizona, if there is a covered or shady area, the technician would appreciate it.

I need the stickers on my windshield; can they be re-applied to the replacement windshield?

It is possible, and our trained professional auto glass repair specialists will carefully remove any stickers and attempt to save each one for reapplication on the new windshield. If any of the stickers are military issued, it is much more difficult to save. These types of stickers are designed to break apart upon removal and are prohibited to be saved. In these cases, we save all pieces of the seal and attach it to the work order, making it easier for you to exchange your sticker for a new one.

Is the rear view mirror attached to the replacement windshield in the same place as the old?

Yes, in most windshields there are pre-installed brackets made for the rear view mirror. The auto glass repair technician will simply remove the mirror from the old and slide it into position on the new windshield.

Are all your auto glass repair technicians trained?

Yes, all Avondale Windshield Replacement professionals have been trained thoroughly on the proper protocol for removing broken, cracked or old windshields and installing a new one  on a wide variety of automobile types. They also have a minimum of five years’ experience in repairing rock chips in automobile windshields.

Is there a auto glass repair guarantee or warranty on your work?

Yes, Avondale Windshield Replacement is happy to offer our customers a nationwide lifetime guarantee against any manufacturer defects, leakage and workmanship issues for as long as you lease or own your automobile.

Will my car windshield or auto glass still be covered if I take the car out of state and run into issues?

Yes, our nationwide lifetime auto glass repair warranty would cover any issues even if you leave the state. Just call us and we will find a nearby recommended auto glass company on your behalf that will resolve any of your windshield concerns. Avondale Windshield Replacement will take care of the billing directly at no cost to you.

Free Windshield Chip Repair: As an additional service to our customers, we offer no-cost windshield chip repair with the purchase of every car windshield replacement. If you at any time get a rock chip in your new windshield, contact us and we will repair it for free. In order to meet safety regulations, this only applies to windshield rock chips smaller than the size of a business card. This offer is limited to the Phoenix and Metro areas including Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Surprise and Tempe.

During the auto glass replacement process, will my automobile sustain any damage?

No, all precautionary measures are taken so your automobile is not damaged during the removal or installation process.

My driver side window will not roll up or down, is this something you can help me with?

Most cases involving car windows is a simple motor or regulator problem. If you hear the sound of the motor running, but the window doesn’t move, then it is the regulator. There are some instances when the motor and regulator are sold as one piece, however, we can still take care of this problem for you at a much cheaper price than a dealer would charge.

Can I get stopped by the police for a chipped or broken car windshield?

The State Law of Arizona, 28-982, states that law enforcement may pull you over if they believe your auto windshield is unsafe and may give you a ticket. In most cases, the police officer writes a repair order, often called a ‘fix-it ticket’, which allows you a five day grace period to fix your auto windshield without incurring any fines or charges.

Am I able to request a factory or dealer auto glass or windshield?

Yes, we are more than happy to meet your request, although we do have to charge for it at dealer list cost.

How is a automobile windshield manufactured?

Typically, an automobile windshield is laminated and assembled with a vinyl sheet placed between two sheets of tempered glass. The vinyl sheet is what gives the entire car windshield its strength. Usually when a windshield is hit with an object, like a rock, it is only the top layer that sustains the damage.

What kind of auto glass or windshields do you use?

Avondale Windshield Replacement only uses high quality windshields that meet or exceed all safety standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The majority of our windshields come from original vehicle equipment manufacturers including Carlite, Guardian, LOF, PPG and Mopar. If you prefer a particular brand of windshield or auto glass not listed, we would be happy to accommodate any special requests.

Are all windshields and auto glass made the same?

Every automobile windshield made must meet or exceed the safety standards set by the Federal Motor Safety Administration. The glass and the thickness of the vinyl is set and regulated by federal regulations. This ultimately means all auto windshields are produced according to the same manufacturer guidelines, and they get their material from the same sources. The biggest difference between brands is the template used during production and the brand name etched on the glass.

What is the difference between Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) glass, factory/dealer glass and aftermarket glass?

Many OEM manufacturers produce windshields directly for automobile makers. An OEM manufacturer such as Mopar or Carlite may hold the original template for a specific automobile producer, meaning the template is too the exact specifications for the windshield every time it is produced. OEM automobile windshield producers make the windshield with the company’s logo etched in the bottom corner. If you look before it was installed, you would see Ford, GMC, Toyota, Chevrolet or Dodge’s insignia on the glass. They would then send the glass back to the dealership for resale. Most OEM manufacturers cannot sell the windshield to the public bearing the company’s insignia, although they can use the same template with their own insignia.


Aftermarket glass is a car windshield that has been produced to the exact manufacturer guidelines without using the original template. An aftermarket company uses reverse engineering to recreate the template’s specifications. It is made based off of measurements and other techniques rather than a dealer supplied template. This method is extremely accurate due to today’s advanced technology and is still regulated according to federal safety standards.