Windshield Repair Process

Windshield Chip Repair Avondale AZ

Windshield Repair Process

A broken windshield does not always mean an expensive repair cost. In fact, most insurance companies will waive your deductible for repairing your windshield versus replacing it. The windshield repair process starts with removing excess air and debris from the break. Then, a transparent resin is filled into the broken spot. Using ultraviolet light, the mold is hardened strengthening the dual-layered glass of the windshield, and keeping the structure whole. This process is only possible with laminated glass such as windshields. It is a very successful operation with a high return value and has very fair prices as compared to replacing the windshield outright.



Can my Car Windshield be Repaired?

A car windshield break that is smaller than the size of a business card can generally be repaired. Thus stated, it will not make the crack completely disappear, but it will improve visibility of the windshield from sixty to eighty percent. Of course, these are all broad generalizations because there will never be two exact breaks that will have the same visual outcome.  The size of a break, location on the car windshield, what kind of dirt or debris got in the crack, and the type of break, are all factors that will determine the success of each windshield chip repair.  There are several different types of breaks that can occur for any number of reasons such as a bull’s-eye, chip, or a stress crack.


Is my Automobile Windshield just Pitted?

There is one thing that must be checked before calling the auto windshield repair technician. The car windshield needs to be totally cracked through the top layer of glass for a repair to be necessary. Sometimes, car windshields can get just get a pit on them, and while it may make the windshield unsightly or impair you vision, windshield pits do not need to be repaired to prevent the break from spreading.  The automobile windshield pit does not threaten the entire car windshield’s integrity with a growing crack. Also, there is no place to fill the resin into if there is no place for the resin to sink in. Therefore, a windshield repair will not be necessary for a pit in the automobiles windshield. However, a windshield pit can be filled with resin to make the surface of the glass a feel smoother. But, this would be merely a cosmetic fix and is not a valuable repair because windshield pits do not run the risk of spreading. Beware, some glass companies will repair pits and charge you or your insurance company when they are not truly necessary.


Payoffs to a Car Windshield Chip Repair

+     Much more cost effective than a replacement

+     Very quick usually less than thirty minutes

+     It does not break the factory seal on the car windshield

+     Many insurance companies forgo the deductible for this

+     Windshield is not weakened after the mold has set



What most will not mention about this is that there is a risk to this. The repair requires a sizable amount of pressure to the broken vicinity of the glass. Obviously, this runs the risk of causing more cracks from too much pressure applied to a weak spot of the windshield. This is a concern, but if the car windshield were to crack further there is no cost for the repair. Typically, a windshield crack repair is the most risky to attempt a windshield repair on. This is because a crack repair already had legs running from the point of impact. Though all cracks and breaks are a concern and need to be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Windshield Repair Procedure

+     Inspect car windshield to determine if repair is possible

+     Discuss the windshield chip success ratio with the customer

+     Shield the interior of the car from dirt and debris

+     Shore up the exterior of the auto windshield to prevent further breakage

+     Extricate debris and air from within the  car windshield crack

+     If necessary, drill the area in contact to fill the resin in

+     Fill the break with the clear windshield resin

+     Use UV light to properly cure the resin mold this takes the most time

+     Finish with removal of excess windshield repair resin, polish and clean as are needed to properly see through