What will my insurance ask when filing an auto glass insurance claim?


Windshield Insurance QuestionsThe insurance policyholder’s name: This is the name of the individual listed on the insurance card. Some of the insurance companies only accept claims from the policyholder listed on the policy.


The insurance policy number: In some of the companies such as State farm, each car is given its own policy number.


The damaged piece of glass: This may be the windshield, vent glass, door glass, back glass or the vent glass.


Any other damage other than the glass: In case the answer is yes, you may have to pay a comprehensive deductible.


Was anyone hurt? Was any anyone hurt as a result of the glass damage?


Did you file a claim with the insurance company previously? If you had spoken with your insurance agent and there is no damage to the car, then you will not have a claim number and no claim will have been filed.


The date when the damage occurred: You must provide a date. If you are unsure, just pick a date when you noticed the damage or the date when you suspect the damage might have occurred. You could also use the date when the damage got severe. You must ensure that you were covered during that date. If you choose a date that is over 6 months, the insurance may shelve your claim and delay it.


In what condition is the damage? If the area that is damaged is larger than the size of a dollar bill, then your windshield is not repairable.  If it is smaller, a windshield repair is possible. However, it is typically up to you whether you have it repaired or replaced. Windshield repairs are not a cosmetic fix and will not make the blemish go away.