Windshield Chip Repair FAQ’s

Rock Chip RepairHow this windshield chip repair process performed?

This involves a process where a small crack or break in a car windshield is repaired by taking out the debris/air from the point where it was hit. After that,  a clear resin is injected between the two layers of glass to fill the void. This prevents the damage from spreading further.


How the process of windshield repair is carried out?

A automobile windshield is made by placing a vinyl sheet between the two sheets of glass. This structure is laminated and assembled to form the car windshield. Generally only the outside facing layer of auto windshield is damaged when a flying rock strikes it. While repairing a car windshield the technician has to first remove any debris or air lodged in the damaged area. After that a resin is inserted between the double layers of glass. The structure of the car windshield is restored after this resin is filled in the chip for windshield crack repair. About 60-80% of the damaged area is cleared. At the same time, the visibility of impact point will slightly remain at the spot thereafter.


What are the ways to know if my auto windshield can be repair?

In most cases, if the damage to the auto windshield is not bigger than a business card then it is possible to repair it.


After the completion of the car windshield repair, will the crack or chip disappear?

No. It is possible that 60-80% of the damaged area is cleared up, but the point of impact will remain slightly visible after that. A windshield chip repair basically maintains the structural strength of the car windshield. It is not used as a cosmetic fix.


Is it possible to repair the car windshield again after an unsatisfactory repair?

No. After the repair work of a car windshield is complete, the resin has already filled in the broken area. The structural integrity of the windshield is restored when the resin hardens. This repaired structure prevents cracks from spreading further. Once the hardened resin has been filled into the windshield crack, the damaged spot is not going to take in further resin. There are various factors that play a role in the success of a automobile windshield crack repair and no two windshield chip repairs will come out exactly alike.


What are the risks associated with the repair of the windshield?

The damaged area in a windshield requires application of pressure in order to repair it. Even though it happens rarely, the additional pressure can result in the windshield crack extending further. Generally this happens when the legs start extending from the break. However, it is possible for the technician to spot the breaks that pose higher risks. They typicall will discuss these higher risks with the vehicle owner before the repair work is started.


Is this risk associated with Avondale Windshield Replacement and their system of repair?

No. The same risks are associated with all auto windshield repair systems and glass shops. However, until there has been a failed repair the risks are not generally shared by other windshield repair centers.


Can further damage to a car windshield be stopped with a  rock chip repair?

Yes. The main purpose behind repairing a auto windshield in this way is to prevent any further cracking and to maintain the structural integrity.


Is there a guarantee for windshield chip repairs?

Yes. If there is a failure of the auto windshield repair, the failed repair and the trip will not be charged by Avondale Windshield Replacement. However, if it is a success and at a later date runs from the point of the repair, then Avondale Windshield Replacement will put the cost of the windshield repair towards a new car windshield replacement for you. In addition, we provide the most competitive car windshield pricing in the industry.


How much time will a auto windshield crack repair take?

Within 30 minutes most windshield chip repairs can be completed. If there are several windshield rock chips then extra time may be needed.


After completion of the windshield chip repair can the car be washed?

Yes. It takes only a few minutes for the resin used in a automobile windshield repair to fully cure and the car can be immediately driven and washed.


Do insurance companies provide coverage for a auto windshield chip repair?

Yes. The comprehensive deductible is generally waived by insurance companies when it involves a auto windshield repair. So if the deductible amount is about $500, the repair work is not going to cost anything to the vehicle owner.


What is the cost of a auto windshield repair?

About $39.95 is charged for the first car windshield repair and $10.00 is charged for extra repair work.


Does Avondale Windshield Replacement charge for mobile service?

No. The mobile service is provided without any charge, whether it is a replacement or windshield chip repair.


What should a person do to stop the break from spreading further?

It is important to avoid vibration to the automobile windshield. Extreme temperature changes should also be avoided. For this reason, air conditioning or heater units inside the car should not be turned on. The owner should get the car windshield repaired as soon as possible.


How the owner can contribute towards the success of a auto windshield repair?

It is necessary to keep the break as clean as possible. This way the dirt or contamination getting into the break can be avoided. The windshield should be repaired as soon as possible.


Can a wet windshield be repaired?

No. The auto  windshield must be free from moisture to have a successful chip repair. Generally, this is a non-issue in Arizona.